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New Linear Accelerator

Cancer Patients in need of radiation therapy can now take advantage of the new Varian IX (eye-x) Linear Accelerator that was put in operation at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital this week.   It’s impressive state of the art online CT imaging allows for a more accurate delivery of radiation and reduces treatment times.  Dr. Richard Evans is co-director of the Radiation oncology center at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

“One of the important thing that it will do, perhaps the most important thing it will do is it is going to open up new treatments that we have previously had to refer out of county for.”

Dr. Evans says the treatment comes under a heading of what’s called Stereotactic Ablative Radiation or SABR which is a kind of treatment where they give very high doses   to very precise small areas.

“What we do with this is treat small metastatic lesions inside somebody’s brain or small primary tumors in somebody’s brain. They have been studying in recent years using SABR to treat small lung cancers in people that are not considered surgically receptable because of other issues.”

Dr. Evans says the SABR treatment results are as good as surgery, up in the 90 percents.   One in three people develop cancer during their lifetime, many of whom will require radiation therapy.  The new linear accelerator at SNMH is the only one of its kind within a 50 mile radius, including auburn or Yuba City.

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