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New NC Mayor Tonight, But Who Becomes Vice-Mayor?

Nevada City will have a new mayor before the end of the night. Duane Strawser ends his one year-term, and Vice Mayor Sally Harris will take over the top spot in city government. By city charter, the change of mayors takes place at the first City Council Meeting in July, which is tonight. And while Harris will officially become mayor of Nevada City at tonight’s council meeting,  who becomes vice mayor is a little up in the air. Normally, the council person with the longest tenure who hasn’t been mayor would become Mayor-Pro Tem, or Vice-Mayor, and if there are two candidates of equal tenure, the tiebreaker is who got the most votes in the most recent election. City Manager David Brennan says something unforseen has happened this time…

Listen to David Brennan 1

Staff is recommending that council members vote for a vice-mayor, but Brennan says they don’t have to do it that way…

Listen to David Brennan 2

The two candidates for Vice-Mayor would be Terri Anderson and Jennifer Ray.

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