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New Officers Thanks to Measure N

With additional sales tax dollars coming  in to Grass Valley, the Grass Valley Police Department is now able to add new officers. Police Chief John Foster says  Measure N is funding the hire of five additional officers to the department. The first two are already working on the street.
Click here to listen to Chief John Foster

The new officers are Cameron Bal and Cameron Landon.   Chief Foster says a third officer hire is currently finishing   the Butte College Police Academy.
Click here to listen to Chief John Foster

The city has authorized 24 total sworn officers to the Grass Valley Police Department. The staffing fell to just 19 sworn officers after Captain Rex Marks left for a job with the city of Lincoln.  Chief Foster says it’s getting harder and harder to find candidates with the moral character to make good police officers.
Click here to listen to Chief John Foster

Grass Valley P-D recently invited 11 academy graduates to apply, of those only 4 showed up, and of those only one passed the initial interview.  That candidate is undergoing a background check before being offered a job.

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November 26, 2013

Joe sullivan

Does the city need the extra police presents ? Is a matter of protection or a police state of more government .have you seen all the equment sitting around the cop shop ? A lot of tax dollars tied up in those assits. The fire department doesn't spend nearly the money spent on equment the police force does and they are much better ambassadors of the community than cops always looking for some way to give you a ticket witch is just what these rookie cops would do to make their mark. Why should Grass Valley be the training ground for these so called candidates with such high moral character they are all to often on a power trip of some kind .people need to police each other. We don't need more cops.

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