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New Scam Hits Grass Valley

Nevada County Sheriff Keith royal is warning residents about a new phone scam. At least one local resident received a telephone call from a scammer claiming to be from a collection agency for PG&E. The local resident says they received a call from the scammer who said they worked for a collection agency and claimed our resident had not signed their check and they needed to pay immediately. The caller asked for credit card information to clear the bill. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says this is another variation of a telephone scam used against local residents.

“I’ve been in contact with PG&E and they never ask for credit card information over the phone. So again, don’t fall victim to this scam. I know they’re trying to target our senior population. Please be careful. This phone number is a 516 area code, which is in New York City.”

The Sheriff is urging caution when dealing with people calling over the telephone asking for money. The Sheriff says If you have any questions call PG&E directly.

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