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New Years Dip at Scotts Flat Lake

On  a sunshiny day warmer than  typical for the first day of the New Year a crowd of about 100 people showed up at the Cascade Shores dock to Scotts Flat Lake for the annual Polar Bear jump into the not so icy, but still cold water.
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From very young to senior citizens just about every age group was represented at the big jump in, including Bubba Highsmith who calls down the start of the event every year.

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On the docks there were the usual bragging rights being waged.
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Eric Keling who lives in Cascade Shores decided not to  jump this year, but he is a veteran of the plunge and remembers the coldest ones.
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Jump in LakeThis was an unusual year as the temperature was in the upper 50’s, the warmest many regulars of the Jump in the Lake tradition can remember.

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