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NID Board Planning for Management Transition

Directors of the Nevada Irrigation District are developing plans to recruit a new chief executive to replace longtime General Manager Ron Nelson, who plans to retire later this year.

NID Board President Nick Wilcox says, “This is a very important decision for the district, employees and customers,” and they  want to maintain continuity and make it as smooth a transition as possible.

Wilcox said that Assistant General Manager, Tim Crough, has agreed to serve as interim general manager during an estimated three- to six-month management selection process.

While Crough will oversee day to day district operations beginning in late September, Nelson will remain with the district on a consulting basis through the end of the year, handling important strategic planning issues including federal relicensing of the Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project.

Wilcox said Nelson would continue to represent the district in ongoing negotiations on the potential transfer of South Yuba Canal water systems from PG&E to NID, and related water system operations.

NID directors have discussed the management transition in recent meetings and feel that they owe it to the community, and to our employees, to complete a full recruitment and find the best person for the job.

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