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NID Board Recognizes District Employees

Directors of the Nevada Irrigation District on Wednesday (Dec. 12) recognized several employees, including five employees whose efforts helped save lives in recent years.

The employees who took part in life saving actions were presented with Presidential Awards. They are Nathan Allen and Tim Bradley of the Water Operations Dept., Bob MacDonald and Doug Andrews of the NID Placer County crew, and Jerry Green of the NID Hydroelectric Dept.

“Actions taken by these employees helped save the lives of seven people over the past five years,” said NID Safety Analyst Don Bird, who noted the actions included two cases where people were resuscitated using CPR, the rescue of a kidnap victim, and discovery of four people lost in the woods.

Department awards for exemplary safe working practices were given to Maintenance Dept. employee Lawrence Sorensen, Operations Dept. employees Tim Bradley, Joe Pitts and Mark Woods.

General Manager Safety Awards were presented to Recreation Dept. employees Jim Caldwell and Caden Caldwell, and Operation Dept. employees Philip Goguen and Brian Berg.

In addition, the board presented service awards to Tim Bradley, for 30 years of employment service; Bill Morrow and Peggy Davidson, 25 years; Joe Pitts, Paul Sokoloff, Shannon Matteoni, Torben Nielsen, Brian Mesker and Brian Powell, 15 years; and Ron Nelson and Fred Waymire, 10 years.

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