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NID Considers Buy Out of Rollins Reservoir Concessionaire

Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors following a closed session agreed to allow the district to negotiate with the concessionaire of the Long Ravine Campground on Rollins Reservoir near Colfax to buy him out and to allow the District’s recreation department to run the concession.  NID General Manager Ron Nelson says that concession has been held by Russ Englestad for several years.

“It is part of the district. We do own it. We’ve had a concessionaire out there for quite a long period of time. The board has authorized us to enter into discussions with the lessee if we can strike a deal on taking that over.”

Last year the Concessionaire came to the attention of the Placer County building department for constructing a stage at the lakes edge without proper permits. The permit has since been issued.  If NID is successful in negotiations, the concession would be handled by the NID Recreation Department headed by Peggy Davidson. NID legal adviser Jeff Meith said real estate negotiations are appropriately held in private.

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