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NID Director Warns of Water Shortages Ahead

So far the Nevada Irrigation District is doing well in dealing with the drought. Water management and supply is adequate for the near future and treated water customers have attained 19 % water conservation, the goal is 20 percent.  But,  NID Division 1 Director Nancy Weber says the district is still under the threat of having water taken away to send to parched areas to the south.

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That represents about 50 percent of NID’s typical water supply. Water that normally would be stored for use in 2015 now will be fed through the Delta and south. Weber says another concern is the State Water Board’s changing of the order or priority for where water goes.

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In a ruling in US District Court yesterday Judge Lawrence O’Neill cleared the way for water transfers from Northern California to thirsty South San Joaquin Valley, overruling environmentalists who argued the transfers would harm threatened fish. Weber says some people are working hard to make it a very high priority to clean up the Delta.

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The Nevada Irrigation District is hosting a Water Summit to strengthen Community Planning for the future, the public is encouraged to attend it will be Thursday evening July 24th from 6 to 8 pm in the Don Baggett Theater at Nevada Union High School.

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