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NID Enters PG&E Hydro Relicensing Effort

Directors of the Nevada Irrigation District voted Wednesday (July 25) to intervene in the ongoing federal relicensing effort of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Drum-Spaulding Hydroelectric Project.

NID General Manager Ron Nelson and legal counsel Jeff Meith recommended the action so that NID would meet a July 31 deadline and have a continued voice as the relicensing effort moves forward.
Nelson says the action is not a challenge to PG&E but more of a protection against license changes that may affect NID’s future operations.
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NID operates its Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project in tandem with the intertwined PG&E Drum-Spaulding system and the two organizations are working together on relicensing their respective power projects. PG&E has already filed to intervene in NID’s process, Nelson noted.

While many relicensing issues have been decided in recent years, Nelson says  NID continues its effort to ensure that no additional changes are made to water flows from the mountains into and through NID distribution systems.

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