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NID Restoration Planned for Bear River-Rollins Reservoir

The Nevada Irrigation District is looking at new ways to control the sediment that migrates from upstream watershed and displaces valuable water storage space in Rollins Reservoir.
NID Assistant General Manager Tim Crough said sediments have accumulated in Rollins Reservoir since it was built in 1965. For many years, materials were removed by a local aggregate company under contract with NID, but the removal has been suspended since 2002.  Crough says what NID wants to do now is more of a restoration project. *
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A significant change from earlier operations is that no gravel processing is planned at the site. Materials will be excavated, stockpiled, sorted and then transported to other locations and sold on the open market. District officials believe the materials will be valuable to the construction industry.

The NID Board of Directors on Wednesday awarded a $155,000 contract to Dudek, a statewide environmental consulting firm, to prepare an environmental impact report for the Steephollow Creek/Bear River Restoration Project. The environmental study process, with community outreach and meetings, is expected to begin in coming weeks and be complete by May 2014.

Also yesterday NID directors heard a water supply update from General Manager Rem Scherzinger, who said district water storage is holding up well during a dry year. The district is currently storing 205,000 acre-feet of water, which is 103 percent of average for this time of year.

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