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NID Seeks Grant for Scotts Flat Forest Improvement

Nevada Irrigation District General manager Ron Nelson says the district has a very good chance of securing a $100 thousand federal grant to expand its land management activities and reduce fire danger on district property around Scotts Flat Reservoir.  Parts of the district’s 425 acres around the reservoir are overstocked with timber, some trees are infested with bark beetles and some areas have high loads of brush.

“If we can secure this funding, we would like to take steps to both limit the risk from fire and create a healthier stand of trees and to use some of the cleaning materials for mulch or to, if possible, get a bio-generation plant.”

The NID Board of directors voted Wednesday to apply with CALFIRE for the grant funds. The current effort is aimed at reducing the fuel load around the campgrounds, powerhouse and surrounding areas.

Also at Wednesday’s meeting the NID board approved purchase of 9 new light duty trucks at state fleet prices through Downtown Ford in Sacramento. NID will pay $22,204 for each truck.

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