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NID Takes Another Step Towards Drought Conditions

Facing unusual and continued dry weather patterns, the Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors on Wednesday (Jan. 22) authorized staff to implement initial portions of the district’s Drought Contingency Plan. NID Water Operations Manager Chip Close clarifies today’s action.
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On top of a 20% reduction requirement for treated water users, managenment and the Board did pick several items from the Drought Contingency Plan that can be implemented right away.
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The freeze refers to irrigation water sales. Other measures  include convening a citizen Drought Hardship Committee and limiting fire department practice drills and flow testing of fire hydrants. Another measure is to maintain carryover reservoir storage.
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Currently storage is at 146,000 acre feet of water. Close says the Drought Contingency Plan and Water Conservation recommendations are on the NID website- nidwater.com

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