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NID Testing New Pipe Replacement

Nevada Irrigation district will be testing a new method for replacing pipeline that could save time and money for the district if it works.  The NID Board of Directors on Wednesday (Sept. 25) approved a $127,450 project to upgrade the aging Godwin Siphon near Alta Sierra with a joint-less pipe-in-pipe system that NID has not used before. NID Maintenance Manager Brian Powell says the pipe-in-pipe system is manufactured and installed by Insituform  Technologies,  a St. Louis-based firm that specializes in trench-less pipeline rehabilitation.

Click here to listen to Brian Powell

Powell says he expects the pilot project to be successful when they do it in November.

Click here to listen to Brian Powell

Powell noted that NID has hundreds of aging and sometimes leaking steel culverts and siphons in its extensive raw water distribution system.

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