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NID tests Centrifugal Dredge to Remove Mercury

The Nevada Irrigation District is still hoping to get a mercury  and sediment  removal program approved for Combie Reservoir. Partial funding for the project  was included in the 2012 Senate Appropriations Bill that died in the Senate last year.  Senator Diane Feinstein has been working with NID to get   funding reinstated.
As background,  in 2002 the Chevreaux Company was dredging the upper end of Combie Reservoir to get sand and rock to make asphalt and concrete, but they had to stop dredging when it was discovered that above acceptable levels of mercury were being stirred up in the dredging process.   NID Interim General Manager Tim Crough  says the District  embarked on developing a scientific method   of not only removing  mercury and sediment, but also the gold that lies below Combie Reservoir.
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The dredges that were brought in from Canada for the testing  showed merit and Crough says they are just one permit away from approval.
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If NID’s efforts prove successful, Crough says it would open the door for many other projects in the Sierra to remove Mercury and sediment through a dredging operation.

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