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NID to Discuss Long-Term Storage Plans in Future

Nevada Irrigation District  General Manager Rem Scherzinger briefed Board members yesterday on two potential water storage projects that have been on the books for years – the first raising the dam at Rollins Reservoir, and the second is building what is referred to as the Parker Reservoir on the Bear River below Rollins Lake.

Scherzinger said “We’re hearing so much about climate change and its impact on water supplies,” . “The common theme in our industry is that we should prepare for that eventuality.”
In 1986, NID conducted an engineering study of Rollins that showed an additional 3-thousand to 5-thousand acre-feet of water could be stored in Rollins by raising the dam..

Scherzinger also provided background on  the Parker Reservoir site, which was identified in 1925 by consulting engineer Fred H. Tibbetts as the best potential storage site on the Bear River. That was before Rollins and Combie resevoirs were built. As originally seen, Parker Reservoir would extend almost 10 miles up the Bear River from the Dog Bar Road crossing. Depending on the height of the dam, the reservoir could hold from 17,000 acre-feet to 240,000 acre-feet…thats a lot of water when you consider NID’s current 10 reservoir capacity is 280,000 acre-feet.

The NID board willconsider long-term water needs during strategic planning and goal-setting workshops in coming months.

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