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NID to study New Water Sources

An old idea could bring new water to the Nevada Irrigation district.  At yesterday’s board meeting   Division II Director John Drew suggested  that NID take a new look at the old Parker Dam site on the Bear River, a concept that dates back to NID’s earliest days.  The site is located between NID’s Rollins and Combie reservoirs, several miles upstream from the Garden Bar site, where the South Sutter Water District studied and recently abandoned a reservoir proposal. Drew noted that water storage at the Parker site could serve NID customers in Nevada and Placer counties.
… and while  It may be a drier than average year,  the Nevada Irrigation District has above average water storage and is planning normal water deliveries through the upcoming irrigation season.
NID General Manager Rem Scherzinger at Wednesday’s (Mar. 13) meeting said the district is “storage rich but we’re snowpack poor.”
Scherzinger said the district will continue to be very conservative with water releases so that adequate carryover supplies would be available for next year after this year’s demands are met.

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