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NID Urges Water Conservation During Emergency Repairs

The Nevada Irrigation District continues to urge all customers to conserve water while emergency repairs are completed on a PG&E canal that carries water into the greater Grass Valley-Nevada City area.

“This outage has caused the district to rely on a a very limited storage supply that is rapidly depleting,” said NID Water Operations Manager Chip Close.  “Therefore, until water flows to us are restored, we ask our customers to curtail outside watering and other discretionary water usage.”

click to hear Water Operations Manager Chip Close

Emergency repairs on the PG&E South Yuba Canal near Bear Valley are expected to be completed today (July 2).  Close said it would take up to 24 hours for the water to flow through all parts of the affected NID canal systems.

click to hear Water Operations Manager Chip Close

NID managed to keep minimum amounts of water in most canals on Monday but some canals, particularly those supplied through Loma Rica Reservoir and the Chicago Park Canal were running dry this morning.

The flume break occurred late Sunday afternoon.  PG&E responded quickly and began repairs but the work has taken a day longer than first anticipated.


PG&E and NID are placing high priority on the repairs because the South Yuba Canal is the primary water supply to much of western Nevada County.

Updates are being posted under the Irrigation Water Outages link at www.nidwater.com

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