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NID Water Coming to South County Neighborhood

A reliable public water supply is coming to a south Nevada County neighborhood where residents have been experiencing well problems and water shortages.   NID General Manager Rem Scherzinger says property owners along East Hacienda Drive and Pioneer Way off Magnolia Road and the Nevada Irrigation District are sharing in the costs of a  waterline extension project.
Click here to listen to Rem Scherzinger

The current project includes about 6800 feet of new pipeline stretching from Magnolia road along East Hacienda Drive and a portion of Pioneer Way. A second 3600-foot extension will likely be completed this year.   The next section, that will eventually connect the new pipelines to the Alta Sierra system at Brewer Road is anticipated to begin next year.
Scherzinger says the inter-tie between the two systems will not only make water available  to a wider area but also increase system reliability for existing customers.

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