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NID Water Extended to Rattlesnake Rd.

Treated water is now available in the Rattlesnake Road-Wheeler Cross Road area near Grass Valley, following a water line extension project completed this month by the Nevada Irrigation District.

NID and area property owners shared costs in extending a 16-inch main line from Dog Bar Road, across Wheeler Cross Road to the Rattlesnake Road intersection and 1000 feet north on Rattlesnake Road.

The job, with about 3000 feet of new pipe and three new fire hydrants, was completed for NID by C&D Contractors, Inc. of Nevada City.   New pavement overlay has been added throughout the project area.

NID-water-to-Rattlesnake-rdChip Close, NID’s interim water operations manager, said the project progressed rapidly through planning, design and construction after contracts were signed with participating property owners.  ”Our new customers were receiving water within nine months,” he said.  ”Our contractor was able to take advantage of the dry weather and good working conditions this winter.”

Officials said the new pipeline is part of the district’s master plan and can eventually be extended across Rattlesnake Road to existing pipelines near Highway 174, depending on public demand.

District maintenance crews are now installing new water meters at the 13 parcels that participated in the water line extension project.

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