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NID Water Storage Above Average

Despite a dry January, seasonal precipitation and water storage remain above average levels, according to a report today  from the Nevada Irrigation District.
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Chip Close, Nevada Irrigation District Interim Operations Manager, who says the snow survey was conducted January 31st to measure snow depth and water content at 6 separate locations in the upper watershed, and the water levels in NID reservoirs is also above average.
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Storage is good in district reservoirs due to the nearly 200 percent of average precipitation we received in November and December. and NID says The snow pack remains in relatively good shape, given the pattern of the storms we’ve had this winter.¬† Until mid-December we were seeing warm storms with a lot of rain and little snow. The later December storms were cooler and did produce a significant amount of snow. There was not much snow in January.
NID conducts four official snow surveys each year, in February, March, April and May. Results of the snow surveys are used to predict water availability locally and statewide.

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