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Nielsen: Confident Water Bond Will Pass

One of Nevada County’s state senators is lauding the accomplishment of Republicans and Democrats in reaching a deal on a water bond. The seven-and-a-half billion dollar measure that will be on the ballot in November is an overhaul of the state’s water infrastructure. State Senator Jim Nielsen is also thrilled that it includes water rights known as “area of origin”…

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The bond includes two new dams for water storage–the Sites Reservoir in Colusa County, and the Temperance Flat Dam near Fresno. Local water systems, water recycling projects, and groundwater management programs would also receive hundreds of millions of dollars each. Voters need to pass the measure in November, but Nielsen says he is more than confident that will happen..

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Republicans and Democrats reached the deal on Wednesday, just hours before an extended deadline to print voter information pamphlets. Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation last night (Thursday).

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