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Niesenan Heritage Days

Written records of the Niesenan people being in Nevada City date back to the 1850’s when Tribal Council Secretary, Shelly Covert says a homestead claim was filled by the Craig family who came to Nevada City to homestead a ranch.
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Covert says   75 acres on Cement Hill eventually became a reservation for the Niesenan in 1913, but the Niesenan reservation  was disbanded  in 1964 when the United States went through a period of terminating tribes. The first Nisenan Heritage Day will be presented Saturday October 13th at the Miners Foundry beginning at 10 a.m.  and the Niesenan people invite the public to come take part in a celebration of their culture, enjoy Nisenan artists, vendors and performances. There will also be guided tours of Nevada City Firehouse Number 1 where there is a museum of Niesenan artifacts.

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