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Nisenan Tribal Elder Dies

One of the bearers of the Local Nisenan History has passed away.  Everette Smith died Tuesday, he was 85.    Tribal elders dubbed him “Weary” and that’s what he was called by most people.  Weary  was a veteran of the Korean War and  world War II, where he served as a glider pilot in the Pacific.  Everett-Weary-Smith Family member Shelly Covert, who is secretary to the Nevada City Rancheria Tribal Council says Weary was a prominent elder in the Nisenan tribe and she had been working with him to keep the  history alive .

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Nevada County Historical Society board member  Wally Hagaman also remembers Weary as humble and soft spoken but extremely generous with his knowledge of the history of the tribe.
He says Weary  was able to identify    Nisenan artifacts housed in the Firehouse No. 1 Museum in Nevada City which were believed to be tomahawk heads.

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Hagaman says Weary will be sorely missed.

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Everett Weary Smith will be buried at the Keystone Indian Cemetery outside of Dobbins in a private ceremony.

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