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NorCal Reservoirs Hold Below Average Water

The state Department of Water Resources has released new figures on water storage in Northern California reservoirs. Water levels across the state are at 82% of average for this time of year. Chief  Hydrologist with the Department, Maury Roos, says it is because of the record low rainfall for the winter.*
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Roos says that even with the lower levels this year Northern California should be ok.
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In order to make up this year’s deficit, Roos thinks it could be accomplished with an average to good “wet season” next year.
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As of July 10, Shasta Lake is at 77%…Lake Oroville 85%…New Bullards Bar Reservoir 88%…Folsom Lake 77%…and New Melones Reservoir at 81% of average.

Until there is a substantial amount of rain for the wet season next year, Roos says it is always a good idea to not waste water.
If water levels are below average in January of 2014 people will most likely have to take active conservation steps.


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