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North Auburn Pipeline Wins NID Board Approval

The Nevada Irrigation District Board of Directors have approved plans for a new pipeline that will provide an additional¬† raw water source for NID’s North Auburn Water Treatment Plant and also make backup
emergency water supplies available to PGandE which operates Rock Creek Reservoir,  and serves the Placer County Water Agency.

NID General Manager Rem Scherzinger says the new pipeline could help mitigate future water outages, such as those that struck wide areas of Placer County as a result of the 2011 collapse of the PG&E Bear River Canal.
Click here to listen to Rem Scherzinger

The new pipeline, that will go from NID’s Combie Ophir II (Two) Canal to Rock Creek Reservoir in North Auburn also takes care of an issue at the Reservoir Tanks on the hill behind Shale Ridge.*
Click here to listen to Rem Scherzinger

The project site is located to the north and south sides of Locksley Lane, west of the Auburn Municipal Airport. Construction is anticipated next year and few traffic impacts are anticipated.

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