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North San Juan Fire District Measure Q

The North San Juan Fire District is hoping residents on the ridge will be willing to spend more for Emergency Medical Response and fire Protection Services.  Board member Marilyn Mociun says the special tax for the district has not gone up since the district was formed.
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Measure Q, which will be on the June ballot  proposes an increase of $61.50 which would bring the annual assessment to $89 for a residential Unit.  Tom Browning who retired from Grass Valley Fire Department and now volunteers as a Battalion Chief with North San Juan Fire says enhancing emergency medical response services and recruiting and training volunteer personnel is an ongoing issue.
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Nearly half of calls for service to North San Juan Fire Department are emergency medical calls and right now they rely on an Ambulance from Town that can take 40 minutes to respond.  Browning says Sierra College is working with them to provide enhanced EMT training to provide potentially life-saving care to the community in the early critical minutes of medical emergencies.
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The would allow Firefighter EMT’s to provide services that they are not currently licensed to provide.
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On June 3rd the North San Juan Fire Protection district will ask the local community to vote on Measure Q. It requires a two-thirds vote to pass.

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