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Not Everyone is Thrilled With Common Core

School administrators and teachers are preparing to implement a set of content standards that supposedly include all of the skills and applications that students need to master in order to be successful in today’s world. The standards are being implemented across the country and are referred to as the Common Core. The Common Core has been in development for several years and according to Orlean Koehle are being driven by politicians not educators.
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According to the California Department of Education, having the same standards helps all students get a good education, even if they change schools or move to a different state. Koehle, the author of The Common Core, a Trojan Horse for Education Reform, says that the Common Core is being pushed as a way to improve eduction, however she says in reality it will weaken schools.
Click here to listen to Orlean Koehle

California currently does have a multi-step system that allows parents to move students within district schools if the school is identified as low performing.

Koehle has a number of other issues with Common Core which she will address in her presentation in Grass Valley.
To learn more about why Orlean Koehle says the Common Core is a Trojan Horse to Education Reform you can hear her speak at the CABPRO meeting Wednesday evening. The meeting is 5:30-7:30 PM at Penny’s Diner in the Brunswick Basin. CABPRO Is the California Association for Business Property and Resource Owners.

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June 26, 2013


Common Core - more indoctrination - read what you can on Saul Alinsky and Hiliary Clintons connection. Parents are better off choosing home school, charter school, private education for their child. The reason the public schools agree to Common Core...if they decline they have funding withheld. Three of our four sons received 100% private education - the son that did attend public school for two years did not receive a "decent" education.
Educate yourself of Common Core before subjection your children to it.. The devils in the details.

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