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NSJ Fire Rescue Truck Totaled

A brand new North San Juan Fire Department Rescue Truck has been totaled while responding to a call of an injured ATV rider last weekend.   Fire Department PIO Christoffer Montelius,  says the info they  had was that the patient was somewhere between North Bloomfield Road and Relief Hill Road – together with Cal Fire they  started the search, in very slippery road conditions with mud a foot deep in places during the torrential rainfall Saturday.  An ambulance that was dispatched from the hospital got stuck in the mud. and the departments new Rescue Truck was called to pull the ambulance out of the mud.  One the way, the firefighter driving the rescue truck encountered a slippery curve.
Click here to listen to Engineer Christoffer Montelius

NSJFD-truck-wreckThe firefighter was able to crawl out of the truck and hike back up to the road.  In the meantime Cal Fire located the patient from the ATV accident up on Snow Tent Road, another ambulance that had been dispatched transported the patient to Sierra Nevada Memorial hospital.  A Forest Service truck managed to help the ambulance that was stuck and once out of the mud they transported the  firefighter who was driving the new Rescue truck to Sierra Nevada Memorial hospital for an assessment.
Click here to listen to Engineer Christoffer Montelius

The new firetruck was a lease and has insurance coverage.

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