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NU Dance Choreography Showcase

The students of Nevada Union High School dance programs are preparing for this year’s Choreography Showcase at the Don Baggett Theatre at the end of February. This well-known annual production has been bringing outstanding entertainment and inspiring demonstration of young adult achievement and dedication to the art of dance in Nevada County. Holly Warner is a Senior at Nevada Union this year and one of the Choreographers who’s piece will be featured.
click to hear Holly Warner
Student choreographers will also give a short speech before the performance explaining what the piece means to them.  Alayna Grapel, another Senior in the program says sometimes choreographers struggle with “dancers block.”

click to hear Alayna Grapel

Both Alayna and Holly say they plan to continue dance as a career and will be enrolling in dance programs after High School.   The Choreographers Showcase  is February 28th through March 2nd with show times at 7pm at Don Baggett Theater at the  Nevada Union campus.


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