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NU Dance Students Present Choreography Showcase

Once a year the Dance Students of Nevada Union High School get to put on a performance that is entirely created, directed, and produced by students.  Eighteen choreographers will present their original works during the NU Student Choreography showcase this weekend.   Alayna Grapel  is a member of the dance club.

“Before our piece we have a speech that we introduce who we are, it tells about us, it tells about our dance and what inspired us and such.”

Dances will range from Ballet to Modern and dance club member Holly Warner says her choreography is a little on the wild side.

“I have a very tribal, fierce dance and it has two different sides of animals fighting over territory. So it’s just this cool, animalistic, tribal fight scene and all of my dancer had a lot of fun with it and they are very fierce in all of their movements.”

The dancers were also responsible for creating their own costumes. Performances for the Nevada Union theatrical Dance Student Choreography Showcase begin at 7pm this Thursday Friday and Saturday nights at the Don Baggett Theater. Tickets range from $10 to $15 depending on seating and are available at the website NUdance-dot com.

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