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NUHS Closed Campus Successful Start

Nevada Union High School is implementing a closed campus this year and so far it is going relatively well. The intent of closing the campus was to help alleviate discipline problems occurring as a result of off-campus behavior. Principal Dan Frisella says for the most part students are following the rule.

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Lunch period is 35 minutes.
With the entire student body taking lunch at the same time, Frisella says the biggest challenge has been moving students through lines.

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Frisella hosts a lunch walk with community members on Tuesday and Thursday so people can experience the feel of campus during lunch.
The principal says he is getting good feedback from staff regarding the energy with all the students at lunch together.

Click here to listen to Dan Frisella

In regards to reducing behavior issues, so far there haven’t been any issues but Frisella says its still early in the year so they will have more data as the semester progresses.

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