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NUHS Home Ec Teacher Wins SPD Grocery Shopperee

Nevada Union High School Home Ec teacher, Gwendy Reeder was the lucky winner in Friday morning’s Grand drawing for SPD’s Shopping Spree.   The event will be this Wednesday, March 28th at the Nevada city SPD store on Zion Street at 11a.m. and Mrs. Reeder was in the classroom today when we told her the news.

“I got the call last period and the kids were all making éclairs and I said, ‘stop in your tracks, I have to tell you something! We just won a free grocery shopping trip!’ So they were very excited.”

 Mrs. Reeder says she entered the contest with the intention that all the food from the shopping spree would go to defray the costs for food and supplies for Home Ec. Mrs. Reeder teaches 5 Home Ec Classes of about 35 students each and she says the food bill can be quite high.  She will have 8 minutes and 30 seconds to fill up her shopping carts during the shopperee. The public is invited to watch.


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