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NUHS Student Accepted to Air Force Academy

A Nevada Union High School Student is going to the United States Air Force Academy in the fall. However, a little over a month ago Chandler Heppe wasn’t sure it would happen. Heppe was medically disqualified because of a dislocated shoulder he received while playing football earlier this year. Even though the shoulder has healed, it was enough of an issue that he was notified that he would not be accepted in the first round. Heppe’s only other option was to receive an appointment through a US Congressman or Senator.
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On Tuesday, Chandler Heppe received a letter from Congressman Doug LaMalfa stating he had been accepted to the prestigious university.
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Chandler’s father and sister were home when he opened the letter and they immediately celebrated; but he let his mother and grandmother know of his acceptance in a unique manner.
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Chandler is a stellar academic student with a 4.2 GPA taking all advanced placement courses. He also particpates in multiple extracurricular school activities. He played football his senior year and played varsity volleyball all four years. He also particpates in numerous school clubs and spends time giving back to the community.
Click here to listen to Chandler Heppe

Chandler gives credit to his teachers that supplied letters of recommendations and specifically, Bruce Hild, for preparing him for the Congressional interview as well as the interview with his liaison officer.

Chandler was originally planning to attend college in Colorado and had toured other campuses, and then decided to make one last stiop with his family before heading back to California. That stop was at The Air Force Academy- and hiis focus changed from that point forward.

Upon completion of his education at the Air Force Academy Chandler Heppe will have a Bachelor’s in Science worth an estimated value of $415,000 dollars.

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