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Nurse Supports Fire Tax

Judith Scott is a local registered nurse living in Penn Valley. Scott wanted to spread the word about the importance of passing the Nevada County consolidated fire tax .The fire tax requested by Nevada county consolidated District is equal to a dollar a week and will keep the district at current funding levels. Scott says Every time you drive Highway 49, you have the potential of needing NCCFD’s help  , and if a station closes it could mean a heart attack victim who would have gotten aid in as little as 4 minutes may wait 15 minutes when seconds count.

“Most times the patient has already delayed calling 911 and by delaying it 15 minutes more, it’s going to take longer to get a helicopter in, it’s going to take longer to get an ambulance from Grass Valley to where they can go. The two closest places they can go are Sutter Roseville and Marysville.”

Nevada County Consolidated covers 150 square miles and are crossed staffed in the cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City as well, meaning a Grass Valley Fire Engine has a consolidated Captain aboard or a Nevada City firefighter is in a consolidated engine for a call. Medical calls make up the largest percentage of NCCFD calls. The mail ballot will go out to property owners in the Nevada County Consolidated District today (on February 7th) and need to be returned by March 8th.

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