Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Objects in Motion….Objects at Rest

Newtons Laws of Motion have been proven once again….

Law 1- An object in motion tends to stay in motion… or an object at rest tends to stay at rest…this also goes with my philosophy of making exercise a habit. If you exercise three days in a row.. it turns to three weeks in a row… and then three months in a row an it is a habit…body remains in motion…

Law 2- Acceleration of a an object is directly related to its mass and forces working with it…. the larger the mass the greater the force needed to accelerate the mass…or- The heavier I am the more force (strength) is required to accelerate my (m)ass….

Law 3- Every action (force) there is an equal and opposite reaction (force). Forces are found in pairs…pressing down on the surface of the earth with my foot same amount of force from the earth pressing back against my foot… causing me to move forward.

Well… from January through June 3 I routinely exercised (body in motion)…and my ability to accelerate was increasing as I was able to  apply greater force to less (m)ass.  My 5k-athon time slowly improved…

Then from June 3 through August 3… my body was at rest much of the time… tending to stay at rest… My (m)ass  increased and my force decreased….therefore my acceleration slowed if not halted completely… my 5k-athon time slipped backwards…

At this point I need to make a decision… I hope that by putting my body back in motion it will allow me to increase force and reverse the negative force holding me in place and begin to allow me to reduce (mass) and accelerate forward again.

Day one starts today….





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