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Observe and Photograph the Moon And Planets This Saturday Evening

On Saturday evening, March 3, 2012, local astronomers will be setting up their telescopes to provide free views of our moon, the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter; and stars. We will be setting up at the American River Canyon Overlook, also known as the Auburn Dam Overlook and the Auburn Skate Park. We will be there from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, at the far (east) end of the parking lot.

Bring your camera, whether digital or film. We’ll help you take a photo of the moon through one of our telescopes. Some cell phones can even be used to take a good lunar photo.

You might have noticed the two bright planets visible in our evening sky. The brighter one is the planet Venus, while Jupiter is a bit higher in the sky. Mars is presently in the eastern sky. Telescopes trained on all of them.

The viewing is free and dependent upon the weather. If it is overcast or raining the event is cancelled.

To get to the Overlook, go to downtown Auburn, to the historic Courthouse. One of the roads branching from there is Auburn-Folsom Rd. Take that to the third stoplight (about 0.8 mile). This is Pacific Ave. Turn left at this stoplight and go about 0.6 miles to the American River Overlook, which is on your right. We are at the far end of the parking lot.

You can find information about all of astronomy activities at: www.thecomethunter.com <http://www.thecomethunter.com/>

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