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Occupy Nevada City

The Occupy Wall Street Nevada County group occupied Nevada City Wednesday night with a rally on Commercial Street. Michelle Bielby, who was working at JJ Jackson’s last night said there were hundreds of demonstrators in front of the store.

“There was a big crowd, that’s for sure. Bigger than I thought and they were basically saying that ‘we are the 99%.’ That’s what they were chanting over and over again. There were at least 200. Some of them looked familiar for sure, just marching up and down the street saying, ‘we are the 99%.”

The group has a web site and a facebook page “Occupy Wall Street Nevada County” where they say they are planning the 3rd local rally and march, this time in downtown Grass Valley, Wednesday Oct 23rd. They will assemble at 4pm at the street corner of the Safeway parking lot with plans to march through town. They are asking for speakers and musicians to address the crowd and added Please save parking in the Safeway parking lot for elderly and for customers. Don’t park in front of the store.

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