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Occupy Nevada County Demonstrates at Film Festival

Occupy Nevada County will have a booth on Commercial Street in Nevada City as part of the SYRCL’s Wild and scenic film festival. From 12:30 to 4:30 on Saturday. Joseph Crain a protest organizer says they will have street theater, songs, flyers, a display and a soap box for anyone who would like to speak.

“It’ll be open to the public to stand up and say whatever they feel like and information from the various working groups that have spawned from Occupy Nevada County and what they’re up to; the foreclosure group, the abolish corporate personhood group, healthcare group and an environmental concerns group.”

The local occupy group has been holding demonstrations on Wednesdays in both Grass Valley and Nevada City as well as information meetings at the Briar Patch Co-op community room on the weekends. For more information you can find them on facebook at occupy Wall Street NC.

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