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Occupy Protest Will Continue Through Winter

According to organizers, winter will not end the local Occupy Wall Street movement.  The OWS Nevada County General Assembly has decided to hold a rally every Wednesday at 3:30 PM.  The protests will rotate through three sites-Nevada City, Downtown Grass Valley, and Brunswick at Sutton Way.  Community members plan to incorporate hospitality elements into each rally starting this week by serving hot cocoa.

The rally and March will begin at Robinson Plaza in Nevada City at 3:30 and end on the Broad Street overpass.   At 4pm in Calanan Park the group will host an open mic for those who wish to share words or music with the public.  The address will be introduced by Dale Pendell with a talk on “The Magical Basis of Corporate Personhood.”

At present, Occupy Wall Street has not expressed specific goals.  “OWS Nevada County is a community group formed in response to the events on Wall Street.

For more information about the local movement you can check out their web site or facebook page at www.occupy Wall Street nc.org.  The group holds a General Assembly, which is open to all, every Sunday at 4 PM in the BriarPatch Community Room.

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