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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The local Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition is seeing an increase in the need for their services.  DVSAC Executive Director, Niko Johnson says in September they received 188 calls to their 24 hour crisis line and provided 110 services to men women and children. Johnson says,  sometimes it’s an instance of someone who has been physically beaten and they realize they need help with restraining orders and relocating.

“Most of the time it’s people who are in a relationship and they just want the violence to stop. They don’t necessarily want to leave that relationship, but they want the violence to stop. So they’re looking for support, whether that be help with a restraining order, a temporary restraining order, or support group or counseling or counseling for their children.”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and DVSAC is partnering with the Grass Valley downtown Association through the Purple Ribbon Campaign.  Visit downtown Grass Valley and see the lampposts wrapped n purple ribbon with information about Domestic violence. You can pick up a free purple ribbon at downtown merchants to show support for a stand against domestic violence and visit the website DVSAC dot Org for 3 ways you can safely take action and help others in our community.

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