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Officer Cindy Morgan Clarifies License Suspension and Revocation

If a driver receives a revocation or suspension of their driver’s license by the court would there be any exceptions to allow a person to drive? CHP Officer Cindy Morgan says if the court has suspended the license there are very limited exceptions.  But if the license has been revoked by the court, there are no exceptions.

“It means they cannot drive, period. The court has said that their license is no more. There are no exceptions to a revoked driver’s license. A suspended driver’s license, which can be suspended for a number of reasons, typically, they are not allowed to drive. However, there are a few exceptions. One of those being a first time DUI would be a suspension and if they appeal to the DMV and the court, they may be granted an exception to drive to and from work.”

When a suspected DUI driver is arrested and has either a revoked license or a suspended license an additional charge is lodged against the driver. Officer Morgan said when the court revokes a drivers license they mean it.

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