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Officer Thwarts Attempted Burglary of Pharmacy

An alert police officer on patrol noticed two subjects duck into the shadows near the entrance of an East main Street Pharmacy in Grass Valley around 2:00 AM. The officer doubled back and as he approached the pharmacy the subjects caught sight of the officer and began to flee the scene. the officer call for back up and a County Sheriff Sergeant responded.
Click here to listen to Sgt Steve Johnson

The second suspect alluded officers, however a third officer responding to the scene noted a dark Volkswagen sedan entering the freeway. The officers presumed that the second suspect may have been in the Volkswagen. Officers continued to patrol the area thinking that the second suspect may return to find his friend.
Click here to listen to Sgt Steve Johnson

The original officer was able to positively identify Kalb as the second suspect. Since no entry was made in the pharmacy, both Devin Kalb and Philip Kempton were taken into custody for prowling.
A further investigation and review of video tape confirmed that the suspects approached the pharmacy carrying large handbags presumably to carry away controlled substances. The suspects were also seen peering into windows and trying the door of the pharmacy. Sgt Johnson says it was good fortune that the alert police officer drove by when he did obviously thwarting the burglary.

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