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Offroad Motorcycle Death Under Investigation

Two different agencies are investigating the events that lead up to a Grass Valley man’s death. Nevada County Chief Deputy Coroner Sergeant Rich Fevinger says 20 year old Renn Britton of Grass Valley had been riding his off road motorcycle on Friday, near his home on Brunswick Road. The Sergeant says Britton had some type of accident and was ejected over the handle bars. Britton’s roommate and friends tried to get him to go to the hospital, but Britton did not think he was seriously injured. On Saturday his roommate received a text message from Britton saying maybe he should go to the hospital.
Click here tolisten to Sgt Rich Fevinger

The roommate hurried home only to find Britton laying on the floor deceased. Sergeant Fevinger says an autopsy is scheduled; and hopes more information about the death will be discovered. The Sergeant says because this involves a vehicle accident, the CHP will be conducting a separate investigation.

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