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Olmsted Hopeful South Yuba River State Park Will be Saved from Closure

California Department of Parks and Recreation met at the state capital Tuesday to consider the latest information on the state parks’ closures, and its efforts to work with community groups interested in keeping some of the parks open. Alden Olmsted, son of the late conservationist and naturalist John Olmsted, was there and although he was disappointed with the process used to select the parks for closure, he said he is hopeful that the South Yuba River State Park will be spared.

“The good news locally is that the South Yuba River, and I don’t want people to think that the fight is over at all, but the South Yuba River might prove to be spared simply because it’s too complicated and expensive and a safety issue to be closed.”

In western Nevada County Bridgeport State Historic Park and the Mallikoff  Diggins State Park are on the closure list. California employs more than 1,800 permanent and approximately 805 seasonal staff to administer, protect, operate and maintain the state park system. In 2010, 65 million people visited a California state park.

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