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One Arrested in an Early Morning Disturbance at the Golden Chain

A Sacramento man arguing with a soda machine was placed under arrest by Sheriff’s Deputies early Monday morning. Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal says a call of a disturbance at the Golden Chain Motel involving four people ended with the arrest of one man for several warrants. The Sheriff says four people were present and the motel manager refused to rent them a room, and the man got upset.

“Apparently what lead up to us being there was one of those individuals was involved in a loud, verbal argument and when we finally got to the bottom of it, it was a verbal argument with a soda machine.”

The 20 year old man was arrested on several misdemeanor warrants from Sacramento County. A woman in the group, the mother of a underage girl was contacted to see if she knew where her daughter was. The daughter was taken to a relative’s home in the area. Two other people were released.

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