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One Hour Burglary Bust in Yuba County

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department solved a burglary, by arresting the thief and returning the stolen items within an hour and before the victim even knew she had been robbed. Lt. Damon Gil with the Yuba County Sheriff’s office says they arrested Robert Hasting of Linda for at least 15 burglaries.

“One of the deputies spotted the subject who he saw was acting suspicious. The subject tried to get rid of a backpack he was carrying. The deputy made contact with the subject, noticed that he had several items in his pocket, unsure what the items were, he asked about the items and produced several items of jewelry that he had in his pocket and in the backpack were several other items.”

Robert Hastings, 26, of Linda, was also found to have an outstanding warrant and was arrested.  The deputy was able to trace the contents of the backpack, and the jewelry from Hastings’s pockets, to an unreported burglary of a home on Park Avenue in East Linda.  It was learned that Hastings had allegedly committed that burglary, as well as the one on Feather River Blvd. just prior to being contacted by Yuba County Sheriff’s Department personnel.  In all, over $5,000 worth of stolen property was recovered.  Yuba County Sheriff’s Department Investigators took over the investigation.  They were able to determine that Hastings is suspected of committing several daytime residential burglaries in Linda and Olivehurst in the past several weeks.  In all, Hastings is believed to be responsible for over 15 unsolved burglaries in Yuba and Sutter counties.  Investigators from the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department and the Yuba City Police Department are working those cases. 

Gil Says they met the victim in her driveway with her belongings before she knew she had been robbed.

“We were actually at the house investigating the offense when the owner drove into the driveway and unfortunately, saw law enforcement at her house and we were able to tell her. She had actually left only an hour earlier from the residence and then we believe that Mr. Hastings, right after she left, went and forced his way into her residence.”

Hastings was booked into the Yuba County Jail on multiple charges of residential burglary. 

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