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Online Database to Help Solve Property Crimes

Politicians and state and local law enforcement officials announced a new statewide online database to help metal recyclers and pawnbrokers report purchases of metal and other potentially stolen properties and help law enforcement track and catch thieves.
Assembly Bill 391, authored by Democrat Dr. Richard Pan,  establishes the database and allows investigators to electronically search for stolen property a pawn or second hand dealer may have inadvertantly purchased.

Grass Valley Police Department Sgt. Steve Johnson sees this tool as a dramatic improvement to an antiquated, time-intensive process.

Click here to listen to Sgt. Johnson

Johnson points towards current economic struggles as a cause for increased crime.

Click here to listen to Sgt. Johnson

The new database, funded by an industry-supported fee on pawnshops, received bi-partisan support and was recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

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