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Open House at Nevada County Consolidated Station 84

Nevada County Consolidated Fire Station 84 on Coyote Street opened it’s doors for the public to see the equipment and meet firefighters during an Open House on Saturday.  Firefighter Nathan Menth led a tour of the four bay station.
click to hear Firefighter Menth

When additional firefighters are needed,  Menth says they are called from near by stations  to respond to Station 84 and jump on the equipment responding to the emergency.   Firefighter Menth says their Nevada County Consolidated Emergency Rescue Truck can seat 6 firefighters.
click to hear Firefighter Menth

Firefighters also  demonstrated the pulley system they use to lift victims out of a canyon or river.




Firefighters left to right: Nick Bole, Joshua Sunde, Randal Gross, Nathan Menth, Jerry Funk, Adam Ross.

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