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Opposition Grows to Garden Bar Dam

Opposition is growing to a proposed dam and reservoir at Garden Bar on the Bear River.  Last week The Nevada County Board of Supervisors and the Nevada Irrigation District both voted to reject the dam that is being considered by the South Sutter Water District.  The financial force behind the project is coming from water interests in southern California and Napa that fear facing water shortages in the future.  Also opposing a dam at Garden Bar is Sierra Watch, field Director for Sierra Watch, Peter Van Zant   explains why the watchdog organization is opposed to a dam and reservoir at garden bar.

“Foremost, the Garden Bar Canyon is very beautiful and has a very nice number of acres of conserved lands that have been purchased by Land Trust and Placer County for mitigation and habitat and recreation and those lands would be mostly underwater if this project were ever built.”

The Placer county Board of Supervisors has also voted to oppose the project.

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